Stewardship 365 Program

We are currently seeking ambassadors for our Stewardship 365 program:

If you know a place that touches your heart, refreshes your soul, or provides you with an important touch of the natural world and would like to do something to keep it that way, then consider joining us as an ambassador.

The Stewardship 365 program will be a group of 365 ambassadors (one for every day of the year) whom accept the responsibility to act as a steward to a place that they love and enjoy. Acting as a steward can be accomplished in many ways: cleaning up litter, teaching about natural history, sharing details about threats to a particular ecosystem or public green space, etc. We clean up litter because it is a great way to make a visible impact within our communities, so we welcome others to make that impact as well.

Ambassadors will be asked to write one article per year, general length of 500 – 800 words, with 3 – 6 pictures that share the beauty or wildlife of that place. Pictures may include visual documentation of litter removed or before/after photos, although these are just suggestions. We truly want to share the beauty and the positive impact more than a dirty and disgusting place, so be creative with photos!

In addition, ambassadors will be asked to tag @adventurestewardship on facebook and instagram and share with the #adventurestewardship hashtag. We ask that folks share the impact they make one time per year, although would love to see folks sharing stewardship efforts on a regular basis.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then contact us to get the details and get started today!