The seedling that grew into the Adventure Stewardship Alliance has been grown from the roots of the Packing It Out initiative. Packing It Out (PIO) has a mission to inspire stewardship through removing litter from trails while hiking or biking. In 2015 and 2016, the PIO team thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail totaling nearly 4,850 mountain miles and cleaning up over 1,800 pounds of trash. Paul Twedt of the Packing It Out team has teamed up with another friend and passionate naturalist led by his heart, Michael Anderson, to form the Adventure Stewardship Alliance. Our mission is to inspire stewardship of wild places, cultural connections, and a sense of place through storytelling and stewardship-based adventures. Visit our Mission page to learn more about our mission and vision.

We view the Adventure Stewardship Alliance as another tree growing in the same forest as Packing It Out. We will remain partners in our endeavors and expeditions to inspire stewardship and as trees in a forest will do, we work together to support one another and achieve our goals. As one tree shades another, it encourages more vigorous growth by providing the shade to allow more moisture to remain in the soils for growth. We seek to learn from the natural cycles of life and integrate a deeper level of business and marketing models that match the flow of energy through the earth.

In 2017, while Packing It Out is off cycling the country, presenting new communities with a chance to take up a heightened stewardship ethic in regards to trash, we with the Adventure Stewardship Alliance will be paddling some of the largest tributaries of the Upper Mississippi that flow through Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, sharing opportunities for regional communities to connect with their local waterways and develop their sense of place. This fall, the two teams will be joining forces to finish the ASA paddle trip together along the headwaters of the Mississippi River itself. Check out the details of this project here!