If you are interested in having Michael or Paul (Or Both!), Founders of the Adventure Stewardship Alliance, come speak to your group please Contact us!

With our combined past history as wilderness guides, interpretive rangers, outdoor educators, and sponsored stewardship athletes, we have presented to groups of all sizes and ages many times. From informal presentations at gear shops, trade shows, and impromptu storytelling sessions, to well-prepared formal classroom presentations and outdoor education/ethics events, we have done it all before. If you are interested in inviting us to speak formally at a university, corporation, or association event, we would be thrilled to connect and discuss the details!

Paul Twedt, Adventure Stewardship Alliance Founder and Packing It Out Co-Founder,  is  available to present on:

  • History with Packing It Out
  • Developing Packing It Out
  • The Four Pillars of Thru-hiking Success
  • Four Tenets of Successful Living
  • Utilizing Failure as a Catalyst for Success
  • The Power of a Mantra
  • Paul’s Personal Story

Michael and Paul are both professionals presenting on:

  • Developing a Stewardship Revolution
  • Developing your Passion
  • Turning Dreams into Actionable Goals – There is a Difference
  • Inspiring a Sense of Place through Natural Experiences
  • Adventure Storytelling
  • Defining Success in your Own Terms
  • Our Personal Stories