The founders of Adventure Stewardship Alliance, Michael and Paul, are professional presenters and storytellers who would enjoy to connect with your group! We draw from our experiences and lessons learned as adventure stewards, interpretive park rangers, and wilderness educators to share meaningful and inspirational messages.

From business executive team presentations and outdoor ethics and education events to informal talks at gear shops, trade shows, and impromptu storytelling sessions, we have done it all. Contact us for your event!

Examples of our offerings include:

Positive Trace Ethics

  • We leave traces in our every day life – on the earth, in our communities, and within ourselves. Every moment is an opportunity to take responsibility for our traces and choose to leave it positive. Focus on this presentation/workshop include: how to expand awareness and perspective, non-judgemental recognition and understanding, and empowered action to leave a positive trace in our everyday life.

What it Really Means to ‘Go with the Flow’

  • How to hold a strong vision while accepting the process.