Our Mission


To inspire stewardship of wild places through packing out litter and developing a sense of place and connection with nature within our community.


We envision our blog as a space similar to a tribal campfire, where stories of positive stewardship in action can be shared by all. We at Adventure Stewardship Alliance value action over words. We also value positivity because we can best inspire others to take action through positivity. We hope our blog will become a platform for sharing those environmental issues that people are taking ethical action to change.

Please contact us if you have a story to share!

If you don’t want to share your story but find value in our stories, consider donating to support our programs and expeditions so we can continue to inspire others to connect with their natural environment as well as one another, while developing a sense of place in their environment and community. If you choose to donate, please know that the funds will go toward supporting our Three Rivers Expedition, Stewardship 365 Program, or other clean-up events in the Upper Midwest region. We hope to add value to your life!


“Let’s cultivate our ability to derive so much energy from nature that we exude that positive influence onto all nature, places, and people we connect with along the way. People will say, “Did you feel that?”, to each other after we move on. They will feel the depth of our care and connection to the place as a powerful force of positivity.”

-Paul Twedt, Founder of ASA, 2017