To inspire stewardship of wild places through packing out litter and developing a sense of place and connection with nature within our community.


We are out to live a life of adventure and experiences, while living simply and within our means as we do our service to caretake our public lands.

Support our efforts:

We have three ways you can support our efforts. Buy a wristband/bracelet in our online store, give a one time donation (below), or sign up for a monthly donation subscription (below). It costs a lot to support this as a full-time effort and every bit helps!

**Please note that the links for our online store will open a new tab to our Shopify store by the campaign name of Packing It Out. **

If you find value in our cause and our stories, please consider donating to support our expeditions so we can continue to inspire others and care for our public lands. If you purchase a bracelet, donate, or sign up for a recurring donation, please know that all profits will go toward supporting our litter cleanup expeditions and clean-up events. We hope our adventures and stewardship ethic add value to your life!

Thank you in advance and Happy Trails!

-Paul ‘Spice’ Twedt