Frogs in the Fire pit, Buckets in the Boats. (Days 13-16, Mississippi River)

Water is…

Life. Water is love. What makes Earth suitable for life. Water connects us, constitutes us, cradles us in the womb.

Water is…

What our canoes glide on. Why animals, humans, plants, fungi, bacteria live where they live. Water is 71% of our planet with only 1.7% of that being fresh and accessible. Rivers, the life veins of the Earth, constitute 0.0002% of the total water on Earth!

Water is…

What has been falling from the skies for weeks on the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota. Local county flash food watches have been issued

Last nights storm turned the camp’s fire pit into an ephemeral pool. The frogs have been hoppy with it.

The canoes received a full rinse as well. Video of head chef Paulie Paul serving up leaf soup…

Last 6 days have brought in 134 miles paddled (31,31.22.5, Rain day,21.5,28) and we’ve experienced everything from 50 mph gusts, sustained rain, foggy mornings, and calm water sunsets.

Trash levels continue to be quite low on the river. Much of the last 140 mile stretch have been spared from human rubbish yet some questionable care at private riverside properties leaves passerbys curious if the owner values keeping their chair, tarp, or cooler on premise. We packed out 87.5lbs in the past 6 day stretch.

Also we were privileged to back to back days of primo oyster mushrooms. De-lish.

-Michael and Paul

9/28 a 10/3/17

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