Permanently Changing (poem). Miss Day 11

What we need is Permanently Changing.

What we are, as well.

Same with everything else.


But don’t tell me it’s all the same

because it’s not.

At least at this moment in time

from this perspective.


I begin seeing that everything cycles

and forces much greater than I exist.

Sitting beside the Mississippi River,

a thunderstorm rolls in from the West.


It booms,

and I can feel electricity


at the interface of my body

And this body of Water.

The Mesibi River.


Which, I do suppose,

like everything else,

is Permanently Changing.



•Brother Spectrum•


10.5 MPD

11.3lbs trash packed out

Will you follow it down the way?

One thought on “Permanently Changing (poem). Miss Day 11

  1. Love this poem, Michael. It sure is an interesting notion how change is the thing that’s constant. You probably get a great perspective on that from where you are. Thanks for sharing!


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