Sci-Fi movies, ATV ridin’, and Family Feasts: rainy retreat in Grand Rapids. Days 7,8,9

The pre-dawn thunderstorm, cracking light and raining sheets, was only rivaled in decible to the roaring train. They seemed to be locked in a battle of sound and speed of whom could make it to Grand Rapids before sunrise.

Both raging phenomenon (train and storm) were a stone’s throw from our tents, which bravely housed us at the Pokegama Dam campsite on the western edge of Grand Rapids, MN.


With more heavy storms forecasted we pulled a first on this season’s @Three Rivers Expedition. Portaged, paddled, locked the canoes, carried our gear (over the same rail tracks no doubt the great iron hound was howling on earlier) and checked into a motel! Sci-Fi movies, beds, and cleaning/drying ensued.


You just can’t call what’s around the next bend on a river trip.

Like how the next day we visited the MN forest history center, bought lemon aid from a kid hustling on the street, rode ATVs, shot guns, and feasted with new and old friends.

We hiked to the Minnesota Forest History Center to climb the fire tower and ended up learning/observing about what life was like ‘out in the cut’ during the lumbering days of a past era.

Paul has been getting deep into timber framing and homesteading and was engrossed in the learning opportunity (I think he videoed the whole place and would imagine is available for a viewing party if you call him 🙂 )


Local Grand Rapids legend, Bart Bergman, was able to coax us out of the forest history center to head to his brother Glens’ place for an ATV excursion on mud coated and tree root lined trail. This was new for me-it was awesome. We also shot guns and feasted with the family back at the ranch. So much gratitude to Bart and his family.


Trust the flow, support is all around.


The rest weekend wrapped up with a downpour and rainbow beaming over the motel parking lot.

Full Spectrum Living.


9/22, 9/23, 9/24/17



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