Night becomes day, MissDay3

30 hours, 57 miles, 2 portages, 25lbs of trash removed, 6 lakes crossings/shore riding. Resort community fish fry, 2 beers and 4 cups of coffee, each.


This day was legendary for us. And a privilege with great timing and opportunity.


We both conked out for a brief spell on the other side of the Lake Winnie dam portage- face flat on concrete. (needed as I about fell out of my boat a few hours earlier in a fatigue induced slumber.)


Back in the river flow, we crawled at a snails speed the remaining 7 miles to camp in a strong headwind on a shallow stretch. It was awesome/tiring.


It allowed for the small things to be observed. The micro in the macro.

At the crawling pace, I came across this here dragonfly and scooped it out of the water where it began drying its wings.

Michael and Paul


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