Cheers! Salud! Slante! Provst! Whoooo! The Mississippi River watershed in now 6,300lbs cleaner! After five months canoeing 2500 miles, 2017’s Three Rivers Project is a wrap

With gratitude to you! Thanks for following along and supporting Adventure Stewardship Alliance.

~ healthy rivers ~ healthy people ~


Our intention is to journey 1,200 miles on these life-sustaining waterways to deepen our sense of connection to place. We are collectors of stories and observers of relationships founded in meaning with the water. Flow with us as we  clean-up litter and interweave people, place, and time to share stories aimed to promote ripples of positivity.

Rough map of ASA’s 2017 Three Rivers Project (photo credit Gear Junkie).

River outlines: Mississippi – red, Minnesota – green, Namekagon and St. Croix – purple.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 10.49.51 PM

JUNE: Namekagon/St. Croix Rivers 235 river miles

  • From the source at Lake Namekagon, WI flowing west into the St. Croix and south to the confluence with the Mississippi River near Prescott, WI.
  • Phase one is COMPLETE! We officially paddled 237 miles in 15 days and removed 736 pounds of litter. Check out the details on our trip progress page.

JULY: Minnesota River 335 river miles

  • Flowing from Big Stone Lake on the MN/SD border to its confluence with the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN.
  • Phase two is COMPLETE! We officially paddled 302 miles in 26 days and removed 4,983 pounds of litter. Details on the Trip Progress page.

SEPT/OCT (became December): Mississippi River 622 river miles

  • Starting in the headwaters region to the southeastern corner of Minnesota in the bluff town of Winona.
  • Paul and Michael continued down to Victory, WI – a.k.a the Iowa/MN border marking 617 miles the team paddled together on the Mississippi.
  • Michael then sent it and completed the river run in Natchez, Mississippi after 1832 miles on the Mississippi River

Wrap – Up for 2017:

  • 2500 miles paddled on the season!
  • 6300 total pounds of trash cleaned from the Mississippi River Watershed!!
  • Thank you all for the support, encouragement, and sharing of the project!!


We are partnered with the Packing it Out Initiative and their 2017 team will be joining us to paddle the Mississippi portion of this project!

Come join us on the water, share your stories by the campfire, or connect with us via the interwebs @
 For more info on  the 2017 Three Rivers Project click here.


This is a place of stories. A place to come when you want to evade the darkness by sitting in the warmth of the fire. Surrounded by your peers, your people, to hear the stories that come from the journeys of those who not only left in search of something more … but came back once they had traveled far enough to share what they had found. Welcome.

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